Must-try Hong Kong Street Food

Must-try Hong Kong Street Food

There’s no denying that Hong Kong is a paradise for food lovers. Restaurants all around the city serve cuisines from all over the world, allowing you to satisfy every desire. Hong Kong is also known for a variety of classic meals and street food snacks. Here’s a rundown of some of the region’s most delightful meals.


Curry Fish Balls


These wonderful balls of delight made with fish flesh, frequently cooked in a boiling hot curry souop and widely served at street vendors, are a famous Hong Kong delicacy.

Egg Waffles

This is Hong Kong’s equivalent of a waffle. The soft, sweet sponge interior is hidden behind a crunchy shell. Can be served alone or with chocolate toppings.

Pineapple Bun


This bun is absolutely does not have pineapple! It derives its name from the pineapple-like crackly sugar topping on top of the soft, sweet bread roll. A pineapple bun  is a soft sweet bun with a crumbly cookie-like crust composed of sugar, eggs, flour, and lard. When the crust on top of the bun is baked, it splits open, giving it a pineapple-like look.

Fun fact:

  • The “melonpan” is a Japanese pineapple bun with a top that resembles a rockmelon or cantaloupe.
  • Tai Tung Bakery in Yuen Long, which has been making buns for almost 70 years, is one of the most famous places to buy them in Hong Kong.


Egg Tart


Since its creation, two varieties of egg tarts have emerged: one with a flaky pastry shell and the other with sweet shortbread. The smooth, creamy custard is covered in whichever shell you choose.

Chinese Barbecue


Chinese barbecue, often known as siu mei, are extremely tasty. Char siu (barbecued pork), barbecued goose, and roast pig are among most people’s favourite fillings.

Dim Sum


Dim sum is a Hong Kong variant of small-plate eating that includes favourites like har gao (steamed shrimp dumplings encased in a thin, transparent shell), char siu bao (barbecued pork bun), and siu mai (Chinese dumpling).

Wonton Soup


Before being served in a clear, light broth, a delicious beef and shrimp filling is wrapped in a silky smooth dumpling wrapper to make this dish.


Whenever you come to Hong Kong, don’t forget to try these delicacies. You for use would not regret it!

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