Chinese Cultural Traditions in Birth & Pregnancy

Chinese Cultural Traditions in Birth & Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are not easy journeys to go through. It takes a lot of patience, effort and time for women. Giving birth to a child is one of the most awaiting moments not only for the parents but also for the whole family members. It is so beautiful to see how everyone is so anticipated to welcome a new member of the family. If you are among the parents who have just welcomed your newborn baby, you might want to buy reliable baby strollers Malaysia for your baby as you scroll through this article. In many cultures, when a child is born, it is a moment of transition and social celebration. 

Every culture has its own traditions and beliefs that need to be practised. Different cultures practise different values and beliefs. Although pregnancy and childbirth are universal experiences, however, each culture does celebrate and welcomes the advent of the newborn in its own unique way. Every culture has its own traditions when it comes to pregnancy and birth. In this article, we are going to discuss the cultural traditions in China when it comes to childbirth and pregnancy. 

Pregnancy & Birth Journey

As mentioned before, pregnancy can be very challenging for every woman. But it also can be very exciting and interesting for women as they feel a whole different kind of experience during the pregnancy journey, especially when it comes to the first trimester of pregnancy. Within the first few weeks of being pregnant, women may begin to experience physical and hormonal changes. Not only they may experience body ache, tiredness, constipation and sorts of physical pain, but they will also have to go through a roller coaster of emotions.

Pregnant women will not only have to go through physical and emotional changes, but after the birth of the baby, they also have to go through the process of being a mother while suffering a postpartum period after childbirth. These changes and struggles may be hard to face, but women have to remember, that these struggles and changes will ease their journey from pregnancy period to motherhood. 

Cultural Traditions Care in Pregnancy

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Prenatal and postnatal care is so important for women who will have to go through this journey. Every decision on how they would like to be taken care of during their pregnancy and after birth journey will have a big impact on the women themselves. Some women may prefer to have traditional care to help them in this journey, while some would go for a modern way of dealing with it. Whichever decision is, it all depends on the women themselves as well as their cultural traditions. 

Traditional pregnancy practices are used to this day across the world. When it comes to having a newborn baby, women may have specific requirements, needs and expectations based on their religious, social and cultural traditions. Women around the world have the option of how she wants to have and care for their baby. There are a lot of services available to assist these women going through the journey from various cultures and beliefs. 

While the topic is being discussed, some might wonder if these cultural traditions in pregnancy really effective and protect women’s health. Based on the study, following cultural traditions for your prenatal and postnatal care may have both positive and negative consequences.

Pregnancy Care in China

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In China, pregnant women go through the same situation as every pregnant woman from different countries and cultures. Many Chinese women prefer to have both prenatal and postnatal care with the help of their own cultural tradition guides. While some may be sceptical about their cultural tradition practices, they will still be forced to follow the advice of their older generation as they “have more experience” in handling this journey.

For families in China, a pregnancy within a family has a special meaning for the society and it comes with many rituals to celebrate it. This is because, when a woman discovers about her pregnancy, people would say that the woman has her “happiness” and it is something that should be celebrated. Despite the fact that cultural traditions and birth rituals have largely given place to practical issues, the significance of this event is nevertheless being highlighted by the practice of rituals and ceremonies. 

Prenatal Tradtional Care

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Pregnant women in China will have to go through many rituals as a way to protect themselves as well as the baby. The rituals are being practised with the belief that the position of the unborn baby should not be disrupted at all in any situation, and failing to do so could result in a miscarriage, difficulty in birth, or it will bring harm to the unborn child. That being said, moving furniture and carrying heavy stuff during pregnancy is also strictly prohibited for pregnant women. 

For families in China, a pregnancy within a family has a special meaning in the society and it comes with many rituals to celebrate it. This is because, when pregnancy news is being told, people would say that the woman has her “happiness” and it is something that needs to be celebrated. 

In China’s cultural traditions, during the prenatal period, pregnant women should refrain from cursing and saying anything that is deemed taboo or disrespectful. During their pregnancy, Chinese women will have to avoid any cold foods like ice cream, watermelon, and cucumber as well as specific foods that are thought to be toxic to the baby. Certain food is thought to be beneficial in protecting the baby and ensuring a smooth birth. They are advised to eat a lot of fruits such as gingko fruits to give their child smooth and fair skin. 

Postnatal Traditional Care

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After giving birth to a baby, women will have to stay at home for a month to recover from childbirth and this is called as zuo yuezi or “postnatal confinement”. She will be instructed to not get outside during this month. This is because cold wind and pollution are all may have a negative impact on her health and her future. She will also be encouraged to eat certain foods like braised pig’s totter with vinegar and ginger. This kind of food can help the mothers who have just conceived in controlling body temperature and strengthening the body.

Indeed, it is very important to take good care of your body after going through a pregnancy journey. No matter what your cultural traditions are, taking care of your own body along with your newborns is essential.