A Beginner’s Guide For Drinking

A Beginner’s Guide For Drinking

It’s all too simple for a few beers to become a few too many. But, regardless of what your friends are up to, you don’t have to drink as much as they are. Here are some suggestions for enjoying a few drinks without succumbing to the pressure to become fully intoxicated.

Set Your Boundaries

Decide how many drinks you’ll have before you start drinking and stick to that amount. A group of smart scientists has suggested that we limit ourselves to four alcoholic drinks each day. Because everyone’s tolerance varies, pick a figure that works for you rather than your friends.

You might want to consider how much drinks cost. Before you go out for the night, make sure you know how much money you have and make a rational, non-drunk, sober decision about how much you can afford.

You should also keep in mind that not all alcoholic beverages have the same quantity of alcohol in them. For different sorts of beverages, see what a “typical drink” looks like below.


Do not to drink too quickly.

You could avoid being intoxicated by spacing out your drinks. Allow a set length of time between drinks and be sure the time has passed before ordering another.

Drinking more slowly helps to savour the drink. You’ll have more fun and save more bucks this way. Replacing out liquor for water or a soft drink (and sipping the alcoholic ones slowly) is also one of the ways.

Don’t be afraid to say no


It’s difficult to resist peer pressure, but if you’ve had enough, politely decline when someone offers to buy you a drink. You can tell them you’re done for the time being and then shift the topic. It’s more essential to keep track of how much you’re drinking than it is to keep up with other people.

It’s reasonable to be concerned that your friends would mock you for not drinking, but this is incredibly uncommon. Most of your friends (the good ones) will not abandon you just because you don’t drink as much as they do.

Food and water are your buddies

Have a glass of water or a soft drink for every alcoholic drink. If you’re going to drink, make sure you eat something. It helps to minimize the effects of drinking while also being (ideally) tasty.

Start focusing on other things

While you’re drinking, try to engage in some sort of activity, such as playing drinking games with your friends. Remember that drinking alcohol won’t make you feel any better if you’re already in a foul mood. Try to relax by doing something different or talking to someone about what’s on your mind.

Enjoy yourself

Even if you don’t drink much, you can still have a great time. Focus on the individuals you’re talking to and the conversation (or dance) you’re having. One of the nicest things about not getting too drunk is that you’ll have less regrets the next day. Plus, you’ll be less likely to have a hangover, which is always a plus!

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